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14 Touches To Convert Lead to

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14 Touches To Convert Lead to Client

A trade show investment requires intelligence and diligence.  Not only do we need to understand what we are getting ourselves into, but we also have to commit to spending the time andmoney in trash can effort to make sure that what we are doing is right for us.
So, throwing your money without really knowing how to get a good return on your investment realistically or financially is not the smartest thing you should be doing.

The same holds true for a business investment in a tradeshow, and in the world of tradeshows where knowing how to promote your brand and your investment wisely, efficiently and quickly is key to having a successful show.
Amazingly we see this type of reflexive spending behavior in business, especially at tradeshows, where buying the spot on the floor is far as some organizations seem to plan. On average a 20x20 spot at a trade show starts around ,000 then add in your investment on display etc. these run -60,000. This is serious numbers time for up and coming business and no laughing matter for established organizations either, so it only makes sense to not only invest wisely but to take the intelligent and diligent perspective of understanding what to do and to follow through with whats show booths
Which brings us to another key point, anyone can buy floor space at a trade show or convention center set up a table and hand out brochures but without follow up the time at the trade show is as productive as that pile of lumber without the blueprints, potentially a great investment but without proper follow through just a waste of time and resources.
In a recent Linkden poll it was revealed that a staggering 69% or trade show attendees are frustrated with the lack of follow up at trade shows. The poll asked, “As a trade show attendee, what is your reaction when an exhibitor fails to follow up with you?” Of the 337 respondents, the majority said they were left with negative feelings after an exhibitor failed to follow up with them post show. That is a staggering 69% of potentially alienated clients. While a larger, established organization might absorb this potential loss for most small to medium organizations, (and even some large), this number could make or break the business for the year.
So, the time and resource investment for trade shows alone can be seriously daunting. It is just as important to understand how your investment works at a trade show as it is for having that set of blueprints for your house, you cannot build successfully without a plan or direction.
I think we can all agree the focus of any trade show should be effectively following your leads to convert them to clients. Regardless if it is the 0 Chamber of Commerce Expo or a ,000 Major Trade Show Expositions.  Money is money. After the trade show has ended it is time to start following up on ALL your leads. A very small percentage of sales are made at the trade show itself, so if you do not follow up on leads it is like building a house with no plans. It is not going to work!
At Larson & Associates our team members have spent most of their lives working in the marketing business in one form or another. Doing so has given us the opportunity to try several approaches. We have identified methods which have consistently worked through the years regardless of economy or marketing medium. We have taken these lessons we learned and the proven methods to formulate a working trade show strategy plan for a moderate budget, we refer to as Larson’s Larson’s Fast Track Multi-Touch Approach. It is the speed, the quality and quantity of your touches that make the conversion.
Larson’s Fast Track Multi-Touch trade show plan look like?
Touch 1 Day 1: Each day your staff either has scanned in visitor information or entered visitor information in by hand.
Touch 2 Day 1: Email a thank you and specific show requested information. We want to get in front of them ASAP and send out any requested information with a link to a show landing page on show specials.
Touch 3 Day 5: Thank you cards (hand signed) are sent USPS with business card thanking each one for stopping by
Touch 4 Day 5:  Email is sent as a reminder to any show specials and ending date of specials with a link to a show landing page on show specials
Touch 5 Day 7: See who opened the email 2 or more times and start call each one on the phone with voice mail
Touch 6 Day 10: Call team is set up to call EVERYONE who stopped by the booth to reconnect
Touch 7 Day 14: Email is sent out to everyone who stopped by
Touch 8 Day 16: See who opened the email 2 or more times and start call each one on the phone with voice mail
Touch 9 Day 20: call each one who has not responded again on the phone without voice mail

Touch 10 Day 30: Email fort nightly

Touch 11 Day 30: Send out quarterly postcard or newsletter
Touch 12 Day 32 Call each person who opened the email 3 or more times
Touch 13 Day 44: Email fortnightly

Touch 14 Day 46 Call each person who opened the email 3 or more times

If you don’t follow up on your leads  then you are as  good as 69% of your competition. But if you want to be in the top 31% category make some kind of follow up. But only 11% did a superior job of following up. And those are the ones who make a profit off their trade show appearance. With those figures in your head, think what a difference a little bit of planning ahead to implement a series of quality touches could make.
With all the time spent on planning and the money you are investing ask yourself what the fastest way is to get a return on my investment. You can remain focused on business and leave the trade show details for the experienced team at
Larson & Associates

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Secret To Avoid Sales Slump

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We all have slumps: Those times when you just can’t quite find or maintain your rhythm.  No matter how good you are or how long you have been in sales, sooner or later you're going to hit a sales slump.  Mandscratches head looking at down sales arrow

  That time when you can’t seem to close the sale despite your best effort.  When each call or conversation that you do get seems that much harder than it ever was before.  The pressure is on, the volume is down and you just can’t get that deal to click.

Understanding that we can influence this cycle, spot problems, change behaviors and avoid repeating mistakes that lead to slumps in sales is key. Wouldn’t it be nice to know when a slump was about to happen? 

Larson & Associates we usually don’t like to brag, but we have a secret where we can successfully predict when a sales slump is going to happen, well, nearly 95% of the time that is. After all, no one is perfect, right?

sales secret manila envelope

So do you want to know our secret to avoiding sales slumps? It really is quite simple, it all comes down to: Prospecting. Yes prospecting. Sales prospecting is one of the most important aspects of an organization, let alone a sales process.

All companies (startups especially) have to fill their pipeline with good leads in order to acquire customers. Helping you understand prospecting and what it means for your sales is a big part of how our secret can work for you, the other thing you need to know is predicting when the slump will happen.

The crystal ball to that answer is identifying the length of your sales cycle, is it 1 day, 1 week, 1 month 1 year?    Once you pinpoint that then you are in the driver’s seat. Knowing this will not only help you predict when you are heading for a slump but also how long you can expect it will take to get out of it. Sales slumps have a way of self-perpetuating, with the lack of sales eroding our confidence and expectations of positive results, which in turn makes it even more difficult to return to the good form we have lost along the way.  In sales the natural reaction is to fight off the pressure and panic with a quick fix, by ‘digging’ for more sales. Digging in places where you know the sales were, looking for that next pot of gold. This is what went wrong in the first place, stop ‘digging’ where the sales were, trying to work that same ‘claim’ endlessly and move on to new ground.  If there is a trick to prospecting it’s doing the work to make it ‘work’. The only real way is to get back out there and start making the calls,   working the leads. Initiating conversations with cold f2f sales calls and going to the events where your prospects will be, these are still the ‘nuts and bolts’ that hold the process together. Opportunity is out there, your job is to find it, through prospecting.

At Larson & Associates we can fill in the potholes and help you be where you need to be, as your guide and as your partner in success. We can work with you to avoid mistakes and plan for the future. 

So when you find yourself in a slump take a deep breath, a real, fill your lungs and hold it for a second, deep breath, acknowledge that you are in one and get rid of all that emotional baggage. Make the commitment and set aside a daily time for prospecting.
Invest your time, energy and emotion into actions that you can control.
Sales success is a process, do the basics and the rest will follow. Prospecting is less about luck and more about effort, hard work and perseverance, searching for that new ‘strike’ and being ready to move onto the next.
So go on now. Sit down and pick up the phone. Go knock on some doors. Send out some e-mails. Work your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook social network and groups. Start asking for referrals. Talk to any and everyone about what you do.

 At Larson & Associates we are always ready to put forth that extra effort, to work hard and persevere in everything that we do for you. We can help you avoid the dreaded sales slumps, overcome marketing anxiety and map out new places to ‘dig’. When prospecting for gold or for sales, remember that your success is directly proportionate to your effort. If you do only the minimum, your payback will be minimal. The more you do, the more you get. It really is that simple.

 Larson & Associates
leaders in providing today's marketing for tomorrows success.

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Become Familiar To Your Prosp

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Success in getting new customers is the engine that drives your business, the engine that powers your dreams, energizes your ideas and delivers your expectations. A well-tuned engine delivers powerful results, it takes you where you want to be, and beyond.
Starting that engine and running it at peak performance is the priority and end goal of every business. In the B2B arena, this becomes an even greater challenge, where customers are clients, individuals who have been in the trenches and know the drill, what to anticipate when you knock on their door. Often the engine is already built and just needs to be tuned up, sometimes it needs to be rebuilt.

This subtle recognition is about making your presence known without all the obnoxious baggage. It’s about being seen and remembered, but for all of the right reasons. When the time comes and your potential client, after recognizing their need, contemplates where to go, what to do and who to call, you want their decision maker to say “Eureka! The answer is right here, call **Insert your organization's name here** immediately!” This is where ideas begin to become a success, where cold calls become clients, this is conversion.
At Larson & Associates, we firmly believe that the success of the campaign is not measured by leads, referrals, or clicks and likes on your social sites, but when the conversion is made. This is when potential becomes a client, where the rubber meets the road, driving your bottom line, creating success.  Everything else is just fluff and puff.

Here are the cold, hard statistics of lead generation. The good, the bad and the ugly.
Starting that engine and running it at peak performance is the priority and end goal of every business.
  • It takes 1 to 3 touches to re-engage an inactive customer
  • It takes 1 to 5 touches to engage a prospect who is high in the buying cycle
  • It takes 5 to 12 touches to engage a warm inbound lead to buy
  • It takes 5 to 20 touches to engage a prospect who has only a minimal familiarity with you or your company
  • It takes 20 to 50 touches to engage a cold prospect who does not know you or your company

Now ask yourself how are you going to to that?

If you have done your research and have begun focusing on the names of companies that are a good fit for you, then you are ready for another cold, hard fact, it’s likely that many of these companies do not care about you or have even ever heard of you or your organization. Your name brings a blank stare and holds no value for them. So, what do you do?

Plan to become familiar to them.   This plan might include office visits, phone calls, voice mail, e-mail, social media, trade shows, and industry conferences. Most importantly, establishing and maintaining contact with them, brand yourself and then integrating yourself into their business world. A word of caution, do not focus solely on building the relationship, do your work, use your product and professionalism in action, this will leave a
lasting impression.

  • Each time you leave a voice mail they hear your name and your company name
  • Each time they read an email they see your name, e-mail address, company name and your product/service line and how it fits with they’re pain/pleasure needs.
  • Connect on social media and familiarity increases
  • If you “like,” comment or share something they posted you become more familiar (and important).
  • When you meet and talk at industry events and conferences a name is put together with a face and you are even more familiar.
  • While building your relationship learn all you can about their business.
  • Be aware of any recent changes and any talks of upcoming changes.
  • Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile, the clients will remember you.
  • Respond quickly, never make them wait.
  • Be More than an email address. Create an online presence. 

Even with the most finely tuned engine, you’re like the man out driving, who is hopelessly lost but making excellent time. Yet when you build around a plan, with a focused list, clear objectives, aimed at a niched based prospect channel it becomes easier, faster and brings greater results. Invest your time, your efforts and your resources wisely.
If you don’t have a clear plan, if you haven’t identified your objectives or have nothing in particular in mind, then that is what you can expect, nothing, or even worse, a glimpse of success and the knowledge of preventable loss.
At Larson & Associates that is our plan, that is what we do, we sit down with you and create the roadmap to your success. We find the tools to help fine-tune your engine, to reach a peak performance that will put you in the fast lane to success. We offer the services and solutions to assist you in building your business, we ready, willing and able to step in at any part of the process, from creation to fine-tuning, repair, rebuilding or management, we have the right solution for you.
Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!
Call or email
Larson & Associates

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A Better Way To Get Real Sales

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Generate Real Sales Leads
Direct Mail
Email Marketing

The key to successfully implementing any Lead Generation system is to discover the balance between too much and too little in other words quantity vs. quality. Prospects will only schedule a “are we a fit” call very judicially. Finding that elusive ‘sweet spot’ where the planets align and the angels sing is challenging at best, screwing it up is easy, Knowing some of the basics is instrumental in understanding which way to go with any marketing campaign decisions.  Larson & Associates offers valuable advice and powerful assistance in understanding and implementing your important marketing strategies, building your brand and making success your new normal!

Generating real sales leads is essential in developing a market base for your product or service. Today we explore three tried & truemethods for building the up sale and marketing your success; the venerable ‘go-to’ direct mail, its digital cousins target email marketing or email blast and teleprospecting

Direct mail encompasses a wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and sales letters. Major corporations know that direct-mail advertising is one of the most effective and profitable ways to reach out to new and existing clients.

What's the advantage? Unlike other forms of advertising, in which you're never sure just who's getting your message, direct mail lets you communicate one-on-one with your target audience. That allows you to control who receives your message, when it's delivered, what's in the envelope and how many people you reach.

Email marketing is the targeting of consumers through electronic mail (email). Often associated with data mining, email marketing can be used to impact consumers in a variety of ways. In general, email marketing is a more evolved, digital form of traditional direct mail marketing. In a typical email marketing scenario, an organization builds an email list to reach or inform established and prospective customers. An email list may be complemented by a marketing database that allows for customization, data mining, precise targeting or other purposes. However, ubiquitous and unsolicited email, also known as spam, has made it difficult for ethical email marketers. Most email and Internet service providers (ISP) have significant filters to block spam, so getting legitimate messages across is easier said than done. Given this, email marketing has evolved into a specialized niche in digital marketing.

Teleprospecting is a complex function which uses a business-to-business selling practice. The point of the teleprospector’s job is to qualify a potential opportunity. In layman’s terms, teleprospectors, or inside sales reps, determine if a company is the right fit for their product.

Ideally, teleprospectors know who to call because marketing has strategically amassed a targeted list of business who potentially want or need the product being sold. Teleprospecting consists of some cold calling, but mostly warm calling, where the prospect already expects a call and is open for discussion. An effective call process includes multiple “touches” to key decision-makers and strategic assessment of the target businesses. It also usually includes setting  up  a meeting or call with an outside sales executive and a key decision maker for later in the week, or later in the year, to circle back at a more appropriate time in their buying cycle.

Despite the misleading name, teleprospectors aren’t only using the telephone; they’re also using email and in some cases direct mail to drive prospects to interact before engaging them in a telephone call.

Now that we can begin to appreciate the inner workings of these strategic marketing elements there are a few things to consider about your potential clients & customers list before you begin…

In any raw, unfiltered list of potential company prospects, on average, at least…

3 are actively looking for a solution to the problem that you can solve

7 are willing to hear about what you have to offer to reduce their ‘pain’

30 have no idea if your product or services is relevant to their business

30 are not aware that they may even have a need for your product or services.

At Larson & Associates, we cannot predict guaranteed trends, deal in ‘sure-fire’ methodologies or peddle winning insider tricks to tell you what will and will not work 100% of the time. No one can. What we can tell you is this, that statistically when you hit people with your message in multiple formats, at multiple times in quick, consistent succession that you will increase your odds of success and lower your risk of ever crossing over the line and becoming a pest and earning a place on the ‘no-call list’.

So the question now is, are you looking for tools that just create lead activity? Or are you in the market for a system that works for you, building leads and generating possibilities?

At Larson & Associates, we offer two primary platforms for building that system. Two options for creating real sales leads utilizing the three methodologies whose effectiveness speaks for themselves.

These two lead generation platforms are a place to begin or to build upon established successes:

Platform plan A
Plan A combines the basic effectiveness of digital direct email marketing and the comprehensive coverage and immediacy of telemarketing. It’s a quick and effective basic solution. When you need good results and you need them now this plan can provide 4 times the results in lead generation that cold-call alone.


Platform Plan B
Plan B combines the basic effectiveness of email marketing and the immediacy of telemarketing and encompasses the personalized global reach of the venerable marketing veteran of direct mailing. When you’re after the best results and looking for long-term, comprehensive solutions then the established reliability of the trifecta of marketing power is your call. Providing upwards of 15 times, or close to 50%, of all possible successful ‘hits’ in a given prospect list.

Using fundamental approaches of marketing principles these plans can help you capitalize on our experience and years of insight. With all of the moving parts involved in modern marketing strategies lead generation is a basic yet vital element of market success.

Like the Swiss watchmaker, Larson & Associates assembles the finest parts of your business with the most effective and functional elements of marketing principle to keep your business running smoothly and on time.

If you want to find out how we can do this for you today, contact or call us at 847-991-1294


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Is Email Marketing Right For M

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Email Marketing…is it for Me?

Let’s look at the numbers…

It’s 4x more effective than direct mail...

It gets 6x more conversions than Twitter...

It gets 40x more engagement than Facebook...

Is Email Still a Relevant Medium…is it “Cool” ?

With Email Marketing YOU target YOUR list and with YOUR message, creating customers, retaining clients, addressing the people who want to hear from you!

Is Email a Good Marketing Investment?

A proven marketing technique with the largest, lasting impact on your ROI

Howdoes Email Marketing Work for Me?

With Email Marketing, it’s easy to see how your email campaigns relate to the rest of your marketing strategy, test ideas, generate reports, define performance and quickly make adjustments as needed.

Putting Email Marketing to Work for YOU!

When you make the decision to put email to work for you and come to rely on email marketing as your primary channel to drive conversions, profits, and customer relationships you will need a simple AND effective way to manage it. Which is why I’m excited to introduce our newest feature...

Email Marketing from Larson & Associates

When Larson & Associates takes control of your Email Marketing, you can:

Seamlessly integrate with your *favorite* email marketing platform. You already have a kick-a$$ email platform you know and love, so why give it up? With Email Marketing, you can easily connect your preferred email platform to CoSchedule with just a couple clicks.

Get click-ready subject lines...every time. With Larson & Associate’s Email Marketing, we do a check to make sure your subject line is rated for how it will be viewed to you get more opens. Email Subject Line Testing is essential to higher email penetration.  And a perfect subject line is the key to drive more opens, more clicks, and more conversions.

Get full visibility and consistency throughout your ENTIRE marketing strategy.

No more disjointed or ‘orphaned’ marketing content appearing from channel to channel.

Every concept, every idea, every message, everything in one place.

Employing a comprehensive and coordinated follow-up strategy to maintain your momentum is essential. Integrating this within your existing Email Marketing strategy is all part of our plan. Sealing the deal and making it work from start to finish, that’s how we roll!

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