List Brokers Service It is more then just a list 

Larson List Brokers Service

We are able to provide everything you need for your next direct marketing campaign. Though the list brokers we have in our family we are able to provide thousands of direct marketing lists to for business located in the US, Canada and worldwide. 

We will work closely with you, providing quality recommendations and knowledgeable insights that over 4 decades in the business gives us.  into the direct marketing industry. Not only will our list brokers find you the best quality direct marketing lists available, but they will give you the tools you need to plan a successful direct marketing campaign. Giving you maximum returns from your direct marketing telemarketing efforts.

Direct Marketing Lists

Larson knows that to thrive in today's competitive marketplace, businesses must utilize a blend of different direct marketing strategies, including using direct mail and email campaigns. At the same time direct marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business.

We work to will find you the most perfect targeted lists, so you can market your product or service directly to consumers or businesses. With all the lists we have,  there’s no shortage of possibilities.

The two most important questions to ask when researching direct marketing lists are “Who am I trying to reach?” and “How do I want to reach them?”

Are you looking for a business email list? A business or consumer phone list? With the details you give us, will work to find you the most targeted list we can.

Why Use a List Broker?

A knowledgeable list broker is an important part of any successful marketing campaign. As a result, having a relationship with a list broker can be a valuable use of time and marketing dollars because we know you and understand your companies market and marketing plan.

List Brokers need to have a complete understanding of the direct marketing industry. Our brokers represent thousand of direct marketing lists worldwide and can offer you more list choices than you would be able to find yourself.

Our job is find the best direct marketing lists that will work for your particular direct marketing campaign. We look at where the lists come from and who manages them. How often are they updated? When were they last updated? How are they put together? What happens if there’s a problem? What’s the reputation of the company that owns or manages the list? What makes one list better than another?

Why Larson as your List Brokers?

Prompt, professional, and friendly service.
Great advice on the best direct marketing list choices and  targeted direct marketing knowledge.
Multiple direct marketing list choices — no allegiances to any one list company.
Every direct marketing list we use is new, fresh and as accurate as possible.
Service that far exceeds industry standards.

Direct Mailing Lists

Direct Mailing Lists play an important role in marketing products and services directly to specific target markets. They have been used effectively by businesses for many years to achieve sales growth. Larson & Associates is a leading and trusted provider of high quality direct mail lists that are accurate and affordable.

The quality of the direct mailing lists you will help determine whether your mail piece produces sales or gets lost in the mail at the door step. If the address is wrong or directed to the right contact, your marketing message isn’t going to be heard. All of the direct mailing lists we create are made fresh to keep change of addresses and/ or contact names, to remove businesses which are no longer in business and to include new ones.

Each mailing list will include the company name, address and industry classification. You can also add Selects, such as sales volume and/or employee size to target the specific types of business you think would be interested in your product or service. We always recommend that you consider more targeted direct mailing lists to maximise your results. A non-taregted list is a sloppy list A successful direct mailing list is one that utilizes as many selects as possible. Direct mailing list costs are determined by the source, the select criteria, and the volume ordered (minimum order quantities may apply).

We can also provide Multi-Channel Lists which will allow you to combine your Direct Mailing list with a Telemarketing and/orEmail campaign.

If you want to narrow the criteria even more, we can look for specialty lists from other sources.  These list for if we can find one that fits you come with even more data elements for targeting specific business and industry types.

Things to keep in mind when using direct mailing lists:
Have a realistic budget. The direct mailing list cost is only one component. Make sure you consider the cost of printing and postage.

Perfect your mail piece. Remember size and dimension will affect the cost of postage, while the layout and color are essential to capturing your prospects’ attention.

Personalize your message. Mail that is personalized receives much more attention that unaddressed mail. It increases the chance your mail will be opened instead of just tossed in the trash.

Target, target, target. The direct mailing list you decide on will make or break your marketing campaign. Seriously consider who you are trying to reach.

Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing is the glue that makes it all work. from the crowd and make your voice heard by contacting your business prospects by phone. We have years of experience not just list creation but doing and training of telemarketing and telemarkerers and  high quality, up-to-date telemarketing lists.

When speaking to business prospects directly, it’s essential to have the best telemarketing list available. Telemarketing Lists are an easy, and cost-effective way to connect with businesses interested in your products or services. Telemarketing lists can be even more valuable when used in combination with a Direct Mail or Email campaign. The Larson 3 Legged stool method or marketing and ever stronger when we add in Social Media Marketing

Telemarketing Lists are basically mailing lists with phone numbers. Each business telemarketing list our list brokers provide will include company and contact name, address and telephone numbers. This gives you the option of adding a direct mail campaign to the marketing mix to boost your direct marketing efforts.

Telemarketing Lists may include a secondary phone number or fax number along with the primary listing. The key to is a successful telemarketing list is to utilize all the selects available. While basic telemarketing lists are perfect for broad based cold calling programs, our list brokers will always recommend that you consider more targeted telemarketing lists to further increase results. Telemarketing list costs are determined by the source, the select criteria, and the volume ordered (minimum order quantities may apply).

If you want to narrow the criteria even more, ask our list brokers about our Specialty Lists for Business. Our Specialty Lists for Business come with even more data elements for targeting specific business and industry types.

Things to keep in mind when using telemarketing lists:
Keep in mind the number of callers you have, as this will dictate the number of records your telemarketing list should have.
Have a properly targeted telemarketing list. The more targeted your telemarketing list is, the better your response rate will be
Make sure your message is appropriate and convincing. No matter how targeted your telemarketing list is, a rigid or overly scripted dialogue can turn off your prospect.

Opt-In Email Lists

When it comes to building business relationships and communicating with potential partners and clients, our list brokers know what a powerful tool Opt-In Email Lists are. With the right message, you can immediately capture your prospect’s attention and illicit a response. We recommend you create your own opt-in list which can get over 75% open rates, buying an opt-in list is an option for those needing it quick.

Our opt-in email lists are sent directly to the specific contacts of the businesses that you want to reach, not to generic ‘info@’ or ‘sales@’ addresses. We can also provide the option of appending e-mails to an existing business database.

All opt-in email lists our list brokers represent are "permission-based", which means these business contacts have given their permission to be contacted by email. Recipients may also "opt-out," ask that their names be removed from the mailing list. Our opt-in email lists contain people who have given their permission to receive solicitations in their area of interest.

Prospects Influential List Brokers are able to provide two options when it comes to our email lists. Our list brokers have access to list owner deployed opt-in email lists as well as released email lists.

List owner deployed opt-in email lists are not released to you. The list owner sends your message on your behalf using their own whitelist mail servers. This allows the list owner to maintain the integrity of their email list. A tracking report can be generated telling you how many recipients opened your message, how many read it and how many responded to your 'call to action'.

A released email list is a list of email addresses that you purchase and you can email out to the addresses as often as you like. All opt-in email list owners must make sure their opt-in email lists are CANSPAM and CASL compliant. When using purchased opt-in email lists, compliance with regulations also becomes your responsibility.

To avoid saturation and maintain the integrity of the opt-in email lists, our list brokers will only provide the highest quality opt-in, permission-based email files. Any requests for bulk email files will not be processed.

As with any direct marketing campaign, the key to success with business opt-in lists is to be as targeted as possible. By using the selects like: SIC Code, job title, number of employees, annual sales, our experienced list brokers will find targeted business lists that represent your most likely prospects. Opt-in email list costs are determined by the source, the select criteria, and the volume ordered (minimum order quantities may apply).

Things to keep in mind when using opt-in email lists:

Frequency and timing. Have a game plan in mind about when and how often you want your message to be heard. We recommend sending a minimum of 3 email blasts 2 weeks apart for starters then working into a monthly email campaign

Perfect your subject line. We have software to help. Your subject line needs to be compelling enough to get the recipients to open and read your message. 

Personalize your message. It increases the chance your message will be opened and read instead of being deleted.

Get on target! Stake out your niche. The opt-in email list you decide on will make or break your email campaign. Seriously consider who you are trying to reach.

If you can Test, test, test. You are usually able to assess the results of an opt-in campaign within 2 to 3 days this allows you to make any changes to your creative or subject line and try again.