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Outsourced Sales Management & Sales Professionals

Need more sales so you want to get a sales person but you just don't have the background or time in sales to management. Maybe you should outsource the sales process.  If you want a quick fix it is not going to happen. Fact is, even with an established salesperson you are going to lose money on them the 1st year. More so if you start from scratch. In the 2nd year you might break even, yes might. In the 3rd year you will finally begin to make money.

If you are not ready for that time line and comittment don't get a sales person. Use us to hire, train, manage and work with an outsourced sales force exclusive for your company. We have the time, experience, resources and system to make it work for you.

You get a cleaning service, a lawn service why not a sales service.

ales  Representatives

Sales representatives are stable.
Sales representatives are outcome oriented.
Sales representatives are nimble.

Our World wide Network of professionals, enable emerging technology companies to deploy
highly skilled , well connected senior sales executives across the major markets in a very 
short time

Our effectiveness in positioning clients with major accounts and driving revenue and
brand recognition, makes us the company to talk to when your ready to take on the United States
or the world.

If your looking to expand your market share or getting into new markets altogether
or want to develop a sales force call on us. 

What I need:

  • A company in business for a minimum 3 years
  • Able and willing to take on at a minimum $1 million in additional sales
  • Needing or wanted at least 1 full time sales person
  • 5 year minimum commitment

What I provide:
  • Sales person(s)
  • Sales system
  • Cloud based CRM system (if you do not have one)
  • Support Staff 
  • Once sales and funds are flowing, a teleprospecting system
  • Online Marketing

What you provide:
  • Business cards
  • Sales literature
  • 1 Chamber membership
  • Office space if you have one

What they, the sales person(s) get:
  • Structured sales system
  • Benefit package
  • Support staff

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