Four pillar attack A new way for leads 


We bring you QUALIFIED leads, not just names!

Some of our competition thinks that handing over a name with a job title which fits a job discription is a lead. Is it? At Larson & Associates we take the pain of cold calling and new account acquisition out of your sales equation and bring you actual sales leads with real names from real companies with real people.

If I could really bring your company QUALIFIED leads at a fraction of cost of what it would cost to generate in-house would you be interested?

Larson & Associates, is a performance-based sales support company exclusively designed to meet your business needs as we become a professional sales team trained in your products/services to engaged ourselves to generate new business for you, for a mutually agreed upon success-based payment plan. We work to keep your sales pipeline filled with qualified leads.  We train our staff to your companies needs and target market so you reap the rewards of our efforts.


Here are the four pillars of Larson sales process:

  1.    REACH : We will attract your target prospects (as defined by you) into your sales process, leveraging latest technologies in web, SEM, e-Mail, telemarketing and other techniques. We can use your list, or we can provide the prospect list based on your exact target customer profile.

  2.    QUALIFY: Our professional sales team is trained exclusively in your business, products, competition, customers - engages and qualifies prospects using exact qualification criteria as your sales team uses.

  3.    CONVERT: Our system gives you real time prospect intelligence, data and history of customer interactions, including e-mails, telephone notes and customer needs - allow you to convert and 'close'.

  4.    SUPPORT: A live, trained professional team helps your organization attain maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in higher quality of service and repeat orders. Our online 'Self-Service' support portal allows easy routing and tracking of support calls for you to get a deep insight into your clients 'needs' and 'wants'.


In continuous business since 1975, Larson & Associates is a leading provider of business development, advertising and marketing solutions specializing in the marketing of complex business products/services.  Our scope of services include development of telemarketing, proactive web-integrated marketing tools, end-to-end delivery of business intelligence and sales leads, new customer introductions and post-sales client retention programs, active targeted marketing attacks, outbound/outsourced telesales attacks, to pinpoint just a few of the areas we work in.

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